Dumb Ways To Die: My Birthday Bash and Bungee in Korea

Recently one of the most important events of both the Korean and western calendar took place. That’s right, it was my birthday! [Pause for songs and congratulations] Thank you, thank you. This year I decided to celebrate by scaring myself, and more importantly my friends, as much as possible. To this end, I chose to […]

How Not to Impress a Pretty Optometrist (Laser Eye Surgery in Seoul – Part 1)

‘Now look at the black dot’. ‘Ermm…’. Suddenly I’m blinded by strip of blue light. It rotates a few times and a computer I can’t see makes a sound that clearly means ‘No’. ‘Hmmm, no. Let’s try again. Are you looking at the black dot?’ All I can see it blackness and a thin blue strip. […]