Goodbye contract!

Hello there. As I write this post I’m very excited to say that my signed contract, along with all the other documents required to get my visa sorted are currently airborne and jetting their way towards Korea, having left Paris at 1am this morning. Having finally received my Apostle certified documents, one of which I […]

Hello contract!

I’m back and it’s my birthday. I’m now 22, which I hope I will remember as the age that I first said a fond farewell, well more of a see you later, to family, friends and England as I head off into the relative unknown. Since my last post there have been a few developments in my […]

Hello world!

Hello world indeed. This is the first and, terrible accident aside, definitely not my last post. Welcome fair reader to James Vs World, the personal travel blog of a teacher-traveller that is me, James Johnson. I am (very almost, in like 9 days) 22 years old and I am currently nearing the end stages of […]