About JamesVsWorld

Hello and welcome to JamesVsWorld.

My name is James Johnson and I am not a cyclist. Well, I wasn’t a cyclist. But then, one spring day in 2014 I decided to get myself a bike and set forth to travel the world by bicycle.

Why did I do this?

Well I’m not sure. But please follow me as I go by following JamesVsWorld and please comment and share if you like (or don’t like) what you read.

Along the way I will be trying to do some good by raising money for Hope for Children, a charity that works across the world and in the UK to help protect and care for children through a number of great projects. To find out more about Hope for Children please message me or check out http://www.hope-for-children.org/ .  Also, if you would you like to donate please visit https://www.justgiving.com/jamesvsworld


4 thoughts on “About JamesVsWorld

  1. Hey mate, I stumbled across your journey on twitter. I love what you are doing. I recently finished a 52,000km cycle from London to new Zealand which was simply incredible. http://www.jeremyscott.com.au or my blog at quinsadventure.wordpress.com I will let people know what you are up to!! All the best…keep those legs turning…


    • Hey, I stayed the night in that area, camped in some woodland by Walgreens, and I left there eater day, heading towards Mississippi. So you probably did see me 🙂

      Thanks for writing, I hope you like the site

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