Masters of Olympus: Skiing in Korea

Sorry it’s been  a while since my last post. Recently I’ve been sleeping a lot thanks to a few killer colds that came with coughing, sweating and feverish nights. The events of this post took place a few weeks ago. I’ve never been skiing before. My parents have always thought that a holiday without sun […]

Dumb Ways To Die: My Birthday Bash and Bungee in Korea

Recently one of the most important events of both the Korean and western calendar took place. That’s right, it was my birthday! [Pause for songs and congratulations] Thank you, thank you. This year I decided to celebrate by scaring myself, and more importantly my friends, as much as possible. To this end, I chose to […]

How I Spent My Chuseok Vacation (or How I Lost All My Money to Susie’s Family)

Chuseok is Korea’s thanksgiving and harvest festival and it’s the second biggest single holiday of each year, similar to Christmas in the UK. At this time families get three days to eat together, play games, watch movies and then eat even more. This year Susie was planning on going to her grandmother’s house in the […]