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Seen me on the road? Got a message?

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7 thoughts on “Leave a Message!

  1. Hi James! It was fun to pedal a few miles with you in New Mexico. I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat more. I hope that you have had a great time! Safe Travels! Leslie

    • Hey Leslie,
      It was fun, and powered by avocado I managed my first 100 mile day that day. Unfortunately, after silver city I took a wrong turn and ended up missing most if the Gila section, including the 8000ft pass 😦

      I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip, time to start planning the next overseas adventure

  2. James! You forgot your backscratcher! Email us your Dad’s address and we will ship it. Enjoyed the conversation, keep the rubber side down. Gill

    • South Korea is really beautiful Mary. The weather right now is incredibly cold, down to -15*C, so your friend will need a very good coat to stay warm. Travel to Korea is easy from all over the world, flights go to Seoul and other airports around the small country. Transport is super easy to use and anyone will help you if you’re lost or unsure.

      I hope your friend has a good time and you can visit soon too.


  3. Hi James!
    I’m a student at Aberystwyth University and I’ve just seen your Skype interview with Alison and Saffron. I saw that you taught english in Korea for a year and now your travelling the world! I’m teaching english in china in the hope of doing the same! Any tips? 🙂

    • Hey Jess,

      I’d forgotten about that video, but I’m glad it lead you here.

      I went to Korea right out of uni and it started an awesome career of travel and adventure.

      All I can recommend is that you have fun, don’t be lazy on weekends and, once it’s over, do whatever you most want to do.

      Happy trails 🙂

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