Flutterings of Anticipation

Everything is coming to a head. Goodbye party was on Friday, had an awesome night with friends and family. Huge thank you to everyone who came and said goodbye. Managed not to drink too much and felt pretty good on Saturday. Sunday provided another chance to party. The Church, a daytime Sunday club was great fun. Today something else happened. I think my brain is starting to realise that, if everything goes to plan, I’ll be in Korea next week. It hit me about 20 minutes ago, as a physical feeling of holy-crap. Akin to the feeling you can get before meeting someone for a first date, I’m still lightheaded.

Picking up my visa tomorrow morning, then I’ll be booking my tickets and then there really is no going back. I’ll make a full post tomorrow once everything’s sorted. Until then I’m just gonna let my heart flutter at the prospect of the huge change that is looming just a week away.

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